Viticopter: Mark III – Test flight


20150129_144835.jpg 20150129_144811.jpg20150129_144811.jpg

The Vineyard of the Future and eAustralis Pty Ltd are co-contributors for the development of the Viticopter as research projects for Mechanical Engineer students at The University of Melbourne.


Jeff Hollingworth and Michael Lane for design and construction, Jeff Hollingworth (test-pilot).

eAustralis Pty Ltd for funding co-contribution.


Full Video:

The Soil and Landscape Grid of Australia

This is great information. Pretty useful for Site Selection for Grapevines!

For sure will be incorporated in Lectures in 2015!

Free maps of Australia at a resolution of 90 x 90 m with 6 layers of information of soils up to 2 m of depth.

Information with high resolution maps:

  • Organic Carbon
  • Available Water Capacity
  • Clay
  • pH
  • Nutrients
  • Landscape Features