Is Seattle Being Buzzed By Drone-Equipped Peeping Toms?

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From the Yes-We-Live-In-The-Future file we have the story of an unnamed Seattle woman who looked out her upper-floor window a couple of weeks ago to allegedly find an aerial drone hovering outside. On the sidewalk next to her house, on public property, she also found the man operating the drone, which we must assume is similar to the one in the image below, complete with video camera. This man — who is also nameless at this point — claimed that he was doing research and that what he was doing was “perfectly legal”. And while the whole situation does sound creepy, it turns out that he may be well within his rights.

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New and emerging technologies for your Vineyard (Workshop – Sydney)


WORKSHOP: New and Emerging Technologies for your Vineyard

Convenors: Dr Sigfredo Fuentes and Dr Roberta De Bei

Many people think that the ‘I, Robot’ vision from Isaac Asimov is not too far away from reality.

We have seen everyday more and more media coverage of the use of drones and robotic

technology for research in viticulture and agriculture in general. Automated systems can carry

instrumentation that enables the acquisition and analysis of data using contact, short and

long range remote sensing techniques. This workshop will explore the state of the art of

instrumentation and research to implement these systems in viticulture and winemaking.

Some of the technologies and instrumentation that will be covered range in applications from

the field to the cellar. The structure of this workshop will be in the soil – plant – atmosphere


COST: AUD$ 150


First VOF workshop: A success!

The first workshop from the VOF – International was a success. Among the attendants were managers of important vineyard companies from Chile, professionals, academics and students. The workshop was held at the Faculty of Agronomy Sciences belonging to the University of Talca in Chile and organised by CITRA (Integrated Centre fro Transference on Irrigation and Agroclimatology).

In that opportunity, a  fly demonstration was performed with the newly acquired Octocopter from the VOF – Chile.


First International Symposium: Vineyard of The Future

VOF pic

International Symposium: “The vineyard of the future: Technological advances for Viticultural adaptation to Climate Change”

DATE: 29th of April 2013 

Where: Faculty of Agronomy, The University of Talca – Chile. Avenida Lircay S/N Talca.

Key Note Speakers:


Dr Sigfredo Fuentes (Australia)

The University of Melbourne


Prof. Javier Tardaguila (Spain)

University of La Rioja


Dr Martin Mendez-Costabel (USA)

Gallo Wineries


Prof. Samuel Ortega (Chile).

University of Talca



Dr. Carlos Poblete will carry out a flight demonstration of unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV).

University of Talca

Information, costs and registration:

More info: CLICK HERE

Full Symposium Program: CLICK HERE

New Octocopter for VOF – Chile: already taking off!


A new octocopter is already taking off at The Vineyard of the Future – Chile.

IDETEC Unmanned Systems has delivered their first iMK-8 multirotor unmanned aerial system equipped with 3 payload cameras capable to obtain up to 10 spectral bands simultaneously. The final customer, CITRA – University of Talca in Chile, will use the system for a wide range in agriculture research helping the industry to define and improve performance and quality models in crops.