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Novel Applications of Image and Video Analysis in Agriculture Under Climate Change Using MATLAB

By: Sigfredo Fuentes

Presentation given at the Matlab tour 2013, Melbourne – Australia

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Climate change related phenomena like higher temperatures, increased carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere, and more frequent and intensive climatic anomalies, such as heat waves and floods, have placed great pressure on agricultural production around the world. In this scenario, agriculture research and production requires more intensive spatial and temporal monitoring of critical variables to assess the effects of climate change on plant physiology, growth, and fruit quality. Image analysis is becoming an important component in modern agriculture and horticulture. It allows the use of inexpensive devices to acquire meaningful information on crop growth, water status, and quality. In the past, these kinds of technology and analysis were too expensive and required specific know how, which was not readily available to growers. This presentation describes the tools used to solve this problem, such as automated analysis of RGB images and video of plant material, scanned images, and infrared thermal images of canopies to assess plant growth and canopy architectural parameters, leaves and fruit development and plant water status. Results from proposed analysis tools have shown similar outcomes in accuracy and robustness compared to more established techniques. The presenter has developed automated image and video analysis codes using the following MATLAB tools: Image Acquisition Toolbox™, Image Analysis Toolbox™, and Statistical Toolbox™.

First International Symposium: Vineyard of The Future

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International Symposium: “The vineyard of the future: Technological advances for Viticultural adaptation to Climate Change”

DATE: 29th of April 2013 

Where: Faculty of Agronomy, The University of Talca – Chile. Avenida Lircay S/N Talca.

Key Note Speakers:


Dr Sigfredo Fuentes (Australia)

The University of Melbourne


Prof. Javier Tardaguila (Spain)

University of La Rioja


Dr Martin Mendez-Costabel (USA)

Gallo Wineries


Prof. Samuel Ortega (Chile).

University of Talca



Dr. Carlos Poblete will carry out a flight demonstration of unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV).

University of Talca

Information, costs and registration:

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Papers to be presented at the Grapevine Chile 2013 Symposium

The following papers will be presented at the IX International Symposium on Grapevine Physiology and Biotechnology to be held in La Serena – Chile from the 21st to the 26th of April 2013. These papers are a common effort from The Vineyard of the Future members from Australia, Spain and Chile.

1) Using Infrared Thermal Images To Detect Smoke Contamination For Different Grapevine Cultivars. 

S. Fuentes, R. De Bei, K. Wilkinson, R Ristic and S.D. Tyerman

Link to abstract: IR smoke

2) Infrared Thermal Images Of Grapevines: From Manual to Complete Automated Analysis.

C. Poblete-Echeverria, S. Fuentes, R. De Bei, MP Diago , S. Ortega-Farias and J. Tardaguila

Link to abstract: IR analysis

3) Using smartphones and tablet PCs for canopy architecture assessment to upscale physiological parameters: LAICanopy© App. 

 S. Fuentes, R. De Bei and S.D. Tyerman.

Link to abstract: AppLAI

Automated Image Analysis Techniques (VoF)

A paper presented by Dr Sigfredo Fuentes, Dr Roberta De Bei and Prof. Steve Tyerman at the International Conference of Agricultural Engineering described automated image acquisition and analysis techniques that were developed as part of the Vineyard of The Future initiative.

The conference was held in Valencia – Spain from the 8th to the 12th of July 2012

Link to the paper: Automated Image Analysis Techniques

Related paper:

Fuentes S, Sullivan W, Tillbrook J and Tyerman S. 2010. A novel analysis of grapevine berry tissue vitality and morphology demonstrates a variety dependent correlation between tissue vitality and berry shrivel. Australian Journal of Grape and Wine Research. 16(2):273-367.