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The Vineyard of the Future (VoF) is a multinational project that aims to establish a fully instrumented vineyard using wireless connectivity and automated data gathering and analysis. This project aims to be also a test-bed for new technology and a trial site to investigate potential effects of climate change on Viticulture in Australia, Chile, USA and Spain.

Institutions involved:

1) The University of Adelaide (Australia) (VoF Leaders: Prof. Steve Tyerman and Dr Roberta De Bei)
2) The University of Melbourne (Australia) (International VoF Leader: Dr Sigfredo Fuentes)
3) The University of La Rioja (Spain) (VoF Leaders: Dr Javier Tardaguila and Dr Maria Paz Diago)
4) The University of Talca (Chile) (VoF Leaders: Prof. Samuel Ortega and Dr Carlos Poblete)
5) E.J. Gallo Winery (USA) (VoF Leader: Dr Martin Mendez)





Dr Sigfredo Fuentes (







Blog Editors: Dr Sigfredo Fuentes; Dr Roberta De Bei and Prof. Steve Tyerman

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