New Interview: The Vineyard of The Future. Italian Blog


How much Australian wine growers spend fornew technologies like UAV’s, sensors, robots?

There is very scattered information in this aspect and there are no formal studies about formal spending of consumers, specifically from winegrowers in Australia. Maybe Wine Australia will have some more information in this aspect, specially for funding money spent on research and applications for the wine industry in Australia. The latter, since Australian Grape growers pay a levy every year, which Wine Australia administer for research that benefits the industry. These funds are given in a competitive basis to research institutions. In 2015 there was a specific call called Digital Viticulture, which addressed all these topics. This in a sense can serve as a scope that we are in early stages in the formal application of this technology for commercial purposes. This beside what you can find in advertisements from private companies offering services using drones and robots for management either in the irrigation, fertilization, pest and disease control, etc.

Link to the full interview: CLICK HERE


3 thoughts on “New Interview: The Vineyard of The Future. Italian Blog

  1. Yours is one of the finest dedicated blogs focused on relation between climate change and viticulture. I also write for the online wine company of Australia but read through interesting and highly informative blog posts. I would now be following your posts.
    Climate change mitigation measures are being implemented by Aussie wineries in a big way. We even notice that even the smaller wineries doing their bit for the cause of eco-friendly, sustainable viticulture practices. There is a much greater transfer of knowledge and cooperation among the nations for use of modern tech aids to conserve Aussie vineyards.

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