VitiCanopy App: Available from Apple Store for FREE

Link to the App” CLICK HERE


VitiCanopy App is already available from the Apple Store.

Soon to come: Android version.

A smartphone and tablet app has been developed by a team from The University of Adelaide na The University of Melbourne enabling growers to characterise the canopy architecture and leaf area index of their grapevines. The capabilities of the app could see it become an important tool for growers, irrigation practitioners and scientists to assess spatial and temporal growth and canopy architecture dynamics that can be associated with final yield and quality of grapes.

In theory, the same App can be used for other horticultural trees, such as olive trees, apple trees, citrus, etc. The parameter that needs to be characterised per specie and training system is the light extinction coefficient (k). Previous reserch has shown that for the cover photography method, a k = 0.5 is suitable for Eucalyptus trees (Fuentes et al. 2008); k = 0.65 for apple trees (Poblete-Echeverria et al. 2014) and k = 0.7 for grapevines (Fuentes et al. 2014).


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