First International Symposium: Vineyard of The Future

VOF pic

International Symposium: “The vineyard of the future: Technological advances for Viticultural adaptation to Climate Change”

DATE: 29th of April 2013 

Where: Faculty of Agronomy, The University of Talca – Chile. Avenida Lircay S/N Talca.

Key Note Speakers:


Dr Sigfredo Fuentes (Australia)

The University of Melbourne


Prof. Javier Tardaguila (Spain)

University of La Rioja


Dr Martin Mendez-Costabel (USA)

Gallo Wineries


Prof. Samuel Ortega (Chile).

University of Talca



Dr. Carlos Poblete will carry out a flight demonstration of unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV).

University of Talca

Information, costs and registration:

More info: CLICK HERE

Full Symposium Program: CLICK HERE

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